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How to Maintain Your Home’s Painted Stucco

Cracks in the exterior stucco of a home can cause many homeowners to panic and worry that there’s a structural problem causing the cracking. Fortunately, small cracks in stucco are normal and only cosmetic, although they are unsightly and should be addressed. It’s important to properly care for your stucco so that it can last […]

Importance of Pressure Washing before Exterior Painting

One of the most important aspects of house painting in Mesa is making sure the surface is properly prepared. One important step in home painting service in Mesa is pressure washing the entire exterior. This is important for a few different reasons. Here’s what you need to know.

Professional Tips: How to Plan for Exterior Painting

When it comes to improving your home’s curb appeal, or making it more appealing to prospective buyers, few things will give you quite the return on your investment than painting a house will. This can be a very large project, but the results will astound you if you are able to spend some time in […]

How Exterior Painting Can Boost Your Home Value

Before you even realize it, the exterior paint on your cladding, stucco, or other exterior wall materials can slowly lose the initial beauty you once gave it. Color fades, dust and other environmental pollutants distort it, and water exposure can even make the paint chip or crack. You might even see black splotches running down […]

Characteristics of a Professional Painting Contractor

In any house painting project, a wise homeowner chooses only the best in the business. Many others will just find the cheapest contractor, and are often left unsatisfied with the results. You can find a balance between cost-effective and reliable if you do some research beforehand. Here the most important characteristics of a dependable house […]

3 Ways Professional Painting Can Save You Money

When it comes to renovating your home, it’s critical to have a paint job that’ll hold up against anything thrown at it. Often, homeowners take on the task themselves to save money; however, there are many benefits of hiring professional house painters in Chandler. Here are 3 reasons you can actually save money by seeking […]

Hottest Color Trends for Exterior House Painting

Your house is an extension of who you are. It helps showcase your values, your passions, and your personality. So, obviously, you want your house to look like a fitting representation of you. You can landscape, decorate, and renovate your property, but few things are more eye-catching than a newly painted home. Selecting the proper […]

Qualities to Look for in a Professional Painting Company

Your house badly needs painting. You finally saved up the money to hire a painter, but how do you decide which contractor to hire among all the home painting companies in Tempe, Arizona? There are some qualities in contractors in general, and specifically in house painters that you can look for to help you make the […]

Questions to Ask a Prospective Exterior Painter

Even though it’s an important investment, most people consider painting the exterior of their home to be a significant expense. It’s no wonder they want to save money and avoid the frustration that can come with a bad contracting experience. Painters vary greatly in price and quality of service. You certainly don’t want to hire […]

Avoid Hiring the Wrong Painting Contractor

Are you looking to give your house a new exterior paint job? While some house owners often try to do the paint job themselves, others prefer to hire a professional contractor. Here in Mesa, Arizona, there are many exterior painting companies that would be willing to do the job. However, hiring the right exterior painting contractor in Mesa is […]