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The Benefits of Priming Before Painting

You’ve taken the time to choose the best house painting service in Mesa. You’ve picked the perfect color and can’t wait to see your home transformed with a fresh coat of paint. Your painter mentioned that it would be a good idea to prime before painting but you’re not sure it’s necessary. Listen to your […]

How to Prepare Your House for Exterior Painting

Exterior painting affords you the opportunity to dramatically alter and improve the appearance of your home, bringing an outdated building into this decade, replacing flawed paint, and even making your home appear larger. Of course, all of this depends on you trusting a reliable exterior painting service in Gilbert with the job. Exterior painting is tough work. […]

Benefits of Scheduling Exterior Painting Early

Exterior painting projects require careful planning to ensure high-quality work and to avoid unsuitable weather. Most homeowners would paint their exteriors during spring or summer, but nothing should stop you from scheduling your exterior house painting in Chandler before the usual rush. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from starting your […]

How to Winterize Your Home’s Exterior

Squirrels place their acorns in tree hollows, bears hunker down in their caves to sleep, and people start readying their homes for increased moisture and lowering temperatures: late fall is a time for all creatures to prepare. With the following tips for winterizing your home, you won’t be caught off-guard or need to deal with […]

What Are the Best Exterior Paint Colors for Fall?

The fall season is a great time to get festive and enjoy seasonal sights and flavors, from the all-too-familiar pumpkin spice craze to the idea of changing leaves, even if your own trees don’t change. The best way to celebrate fall is to take advantage of its temporary joys, which includes new lines of exterior […]

Why Early Fall Is a Great Time for Exterior Painting

Many people wait for summer to do all their household chores. For one thing, they might tack on projects to the tail end or beginning of their vacation days. However, who wants to do house work when relaxation is in order? Summer and winter each present their own unique issues to exterior home painting, which […]

How to Maintain Your Home’s Painted Stucco

Cracks in the exterior stucco of a home can cause many homeowners to panic and worry that there’s a structural problem causing the cracking. Fortunately, small cracks in stucco are normal and only cosmetic, although they are unsightly and should be addressed. It’s important to properly care for your stucco so that it can last […]

Importance of Pressure Washing before Exterior Painting

One of the most important aspects of house painting in Mesa is making sure the surface is properly prepared. One important step in home painting service in Mesa is pressure washing the entire exterior. This is important for a few different reasons. Here’s what you need to know.

Professional Tips: How to Plan for Exterior Painting

When it comes to improving your home’s curb appeal, or making it more appealing to prospective buyers, few things will give you quite the return on your investment than painting a house will. This can be a very large project, but the results will astound you if you are able to spend some time in […]

How Exterior Painting Can Boost Your Home Value

Before you even realize it, the exterior paint on your cladding, stucco, or other exterior wall materials can slowly lose the initial beauty you once gave it. Color fades, dust and other environmental pollutants distort it, and water exposure can even make the paint chip or crack. You might even see black splotches running down […]