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What to Expect When Hiring Professional Painters

Whether you are in the final stages of completing new construction or you’re just looking to freshen up the outside of your home, a new coat of exterior paint is the perfect way to polish your abode. While you could attempt to paint your house yourself, why spend your time wrestling drop cloths and renting […]

How to Evaluate the Average Cost for Exterior House Painting

When you’re trying to figure out how much to budget for a new coat of paint for your home, it can seem confusing to look at the raw numbers and attempt to make a judgment call as to how those numbers will matter in terms of the cost of exterior house paint services. The truth […]

7 Tips to Find a Professional Painting Contractor

Whether you are looking to swap that yellow wall for something a bit more neutral or to spruce up your sitting room, hiring a professional painter is the best way to ensure that your paint job is clean and even. With so many different contractors available, how do you decide whom to hire? To help […]

How to Make a Cost Estimate for Exterior House Painting

Painting the exterior of your home is a big project. It can be time-consuming and expensive. While it’s difficult for a DIYer to estimate how long it takes to get the job done, you can get a pretty good estimate of the cost. The Size of Your Home How much paint you have to buy […]

5 Tips to Hire the Right House Painter

You’ve spent hours poring over home magazines and online articles. Your walls are splattered with sample splotches as you’ve carefully examined each color in different lighting. Finally, you’ve found the perfect color for your space. Now, it’s time to find a perfect painter to match your perfect color. How do find a contractor who will […]

Visible Signs That Your Home Needs Exterior Painting

The paint on the exterior of your home is about so much more than aesthetics. A quality exterior paint job serves as a layer of protection for your home, sealing it up against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, moisture, and fluctuating temperatures. Maintaining that protective layer is first and foremost about maintaining your home’s […]

7 Essential Steps Toward a Professional Exterior Paint Job

One of the least expensive ways to update your home’s appearance is an exterior paint job. Not only can a coat of quality paint enhance a structure’s appearance, it can help protect it from the elements as well. But before your home’s exterior gets a makeover, there are some options that need to be considered […]

6 Common House Painting Mistakes to Avoid

There may not be just one way to ensure a good paint job on your house, or a formula for picking the exactly right paint color 100% of the time, but there are some things you can do to make sure the paint job is well done and looks great when you are house painting […]

5 Things You Need to Know about Exterior House Painting

Whatever your reasons for painting the exterior of your house, there are some things that you can and should do to make sure the job is well done. The best way to do this is to hire the right exterior painting companies in Mesa and keep these 5 essential considerations in mind when doing exterior house painting in […]

How to Find the Perfect Color for Your House Style

Choosing the right color for your home has a feeling of finality to it, like choosing the right car. It doesn’t have to mean a headache when you’re house painting in Mesa, AZ, if you’re working with professionals. Here are some painting and style tips to help ease your mind about taking the leap and […]