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Home Painting Services in Gilbert, AZ

There’s something alluring about a home that’s just received a fresh coat of paint. At Life in Color Painting Services, LLC, we offer exterior home painting in Gilbert, AZ, and in the nearby Phoenix metro. We’ll help make your home look more beautiful.

Professional House Painting

We understand how stressful it can be to tackle a job as big as painting your home. This is why we make it easy. We’ll handle all aspects of the paint job, from the prep work and priming, to the painting and cleanup. All you have to do is pick a color. You’ll love the end results and your friends and neighbors will admire your instant curb appeal.

Diligent Care

At Life in Color, we believe in a job well done. That’s why we take extra care when painting your home. We tend to the little details by doing such things as removing the rocks near the base of your home prior to painting, and repairing drywall. Our skilled painters also use special care from the first paint stroke to the last. We want to leave you with an impression as lasting as the new paint on your home.

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